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    I am a practicing licensed therapist and have been working since 2006. I have always been looking for a tool in my tool box that could help me fully support and allow my patients to heal. I realized during my career that traditional talk therapy was not allowing patient’s to fully heal and was frustrated with the fact that my patient’s were still having debilitating symptoms. I have used alternative treatments throughout the years including, meditation, breath work, yoga and joyfulness.


    I am now calling Reiki in to support in combination with traditional psychotherapy. I use intuitive practices and connect with your guide team to assist in healing. I am a Usui/ Holy Fire Reiki Master. I am also a member of the Reiki Membership Association and The National Association of Social Workers which provides me with a wealth of support as I work to combine eastern and western therapies.


    I received my Master's Degree in Social Work from Columbia University in 2001. I worked for many years in community mental health primarily with trauma survivors. I also taught yoga and this began my path of using integrative practices. After moving to Portland I started opening up to energy work in my own practice and connecting to my own intuition. This has allowed for me to support people in the way that I have been searching for. I believe that everyone has the capacity to lead a joyful life! I would be so honored to be apart of your healing team.

  • Shanna Rae


    Intuitive Healer, Guide and Mentor

    8am-2pm Fridays


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    I am an intuitive healer, guide, and mentor. I help others transmute their pain and awaken their power. I use my gift of empathy and communing with subtle energy to bring healing and guidance in all areas of life. Held within compassionate containers of sacred space and skilled healing, this work tends to the unseen places; the darkness of transition, to the invisible energy system, and to the heart and soul.


    I work intimately with the Earth and the Elements. They have helped me return to my true nature and to come back into harmony with the natural rhythms of my soul. They have shown me how to open my heart and to heal from within.


    I share these teachings and facilitate this work by offering shamanic and energy healing, soul alchemy, transformational immersions & mentoring, guidance, support, and ceremony.


    Years ago, my heart called me out of the corporate life I was living and into my true reason for living. It was an undeniable calling that became a journey of surrender, healing, magic, and empowerment. It was a journey of trust and passion, never knowing the next step and learning to rely on my intuition and inner wisdom. Through this personal quest I awakened and developed my inherent skills of working with energy and intuitive healing.


    I believe we all have inherent gifts and a unique light to shine on this Earth that is essential to self-healing and thriving. This light emanates from the core of our being and the center of our hearts. It is our truth, our sovereignty, our power, and our unique expression in life. We begin to connect and interconnect through this pure expression of truth. We come into balance, become lighter, and begin to see in a new way that creates more intimacy, empathy, and meaning in our life. Bringing presence to this unique light begins to heal and reveal the layers that have dimmed it, opening a doorway into healing the whole-self.

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