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    Erica Zelfand, ND


    Family Physician, Functional Medicine Specialist

    8am-6pm, Mon & Thur

    2pm-6pm Tues


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    I’m a functional medicine physician, but in a sense I’m also a detective and a teacher.…Because in my opinion, that’s what a good doctor is.


    As a detective, I focus on your body’s “clues” so I can find the source of those symptoms. Once we treat those underlying causes, the medical case is cracked, and you get to get back out there and feel like yourself again.

    I also love being a teacher – and not just when I’m standing in the lecture hall or writing articles, but also when I’m one-on-one with the patients in my office. I take the time to explain the nature of your condition, the details of what’s happening in your body, and what you can do about it. I believe that education is the one of the most empowering tools I can offer you.


    When we do this foundational work – of first properly finding the root cause of illness and then learning about the simple things we can do to remove those obstacles – healing becomes inevitable. This approach to care helps you respond to the treatments I prescribe and ensures a more complete recovery.


    I work with patients of all ages in my down-to-earth, versatile family practice, with a sub-specialty in men's health and low T.


    I integrate my knowledge in western and natural medicines to offer a variety of services, including nutritional support, lifestyle counseling, integrative and functional medicine, medical herbalism, homeopathy, osseous manipulation, injection therapies, and pharmaceutical prescription (including bio-identical hormones and compounded therapies).

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