• Juliann Squires, LMT


    Licensed Massage Therapist

    8am-6pm Sun, Mon & Thurs


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    I love to relax the nervous system while restoring achy muscles and allowing the body to come back into balance, while listening carefully and proceeding with awareness to give a centered experience.- Juliann

    The comment I hear most often about my work is that it perfectly blends therapeutic massage with deep relaxation. I strive to give each person body work that meets their needs for healing and allows them to leave feeling more comfortable in their skin, more connected with themselves, and more whole. The styles I integrate into my work include Deep Tissue Therapy, Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Craniosacral Massage.


    People come to me because they want support in the midst of life’s stresses and want to feel well. Some have had injuries and want to heal fully and speedily. Many want to feel great keeping up with activities that they love. Others have chronic conditions that benefit from more structural balance. Massage offers so much relief to someone in pain. I also feel honored and thrilled to work with prenatal clients in their journey toward giving birth.


    In my life, personal growth is entwined with massage. I came to massage out of a need for healing. My body was chronically tight from scoliosis, and full of partially healed injuries from sports. I was feeling the stress of leaving a doctoral program in Sociology that just wasn’t the right fit for me.


    I soaked up massage. I loved learning about it, receiving it, watching my body and spirit heal from it. I began to feel great in my body so that I could move freely into my life. I began to feel well. My body felt more connected and whole. Giving massage felt great too; it allowed me to work in a state of flow. I could be acutely aware and attune my hands to the person on my massage table.


    This ability to be in flow only deepens with over a decade of experience. My hands read the body with greater fluency and the right techniques flow with greater fluidity. The experience is rooted in science, study, and years of practice, but it has come to feel like magic.


    My work is always evolving. The human body is fascinating. There is no end to learning about and exploring new techniques, body conditions, mindfulness and movement. Right now my work influenced by my daily practice of Qigong, listening to interviews with experts, and taking workshops on movement.


    A full life restores me and recharges me with more to give. Besides massage, I fill my life with my husband and son, dog, 2 cats and chickens. I spend time painting, drawing, hiking and biking.


  • Nicole Nesser LMT


    Licensed Massage therapist

    9am-6pm Tuesday & Thursday


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    I want to support as many people as possible on their journeys towards health and wholeness. - Nicole

    I believe deeply that we are all interconnected, that in essence, we are one. I believe that as we heal ourselves, we heal each other and the world. I want to support as many people as possible on their journeys towards health and wholeness.


    My intentions for myself are to grow towards being able to open completely in the face of whatever experience is before me while staying grounded and maintaining boundaries, to learn radical acceptance, to trust. Yoga, dance, nature, touch, and other people’s wisdom and joy bring me closer to this and to my own joy.
    I hope that my work contributes to a peaceful revolution – one where each of us is taking such beautiful care of ourselves that we are overflowing with love and compassion, and naturally prioritize the highest good of all beings and our home, the earth.


    I’ve always been drawn to helping others, but my path towards becoming a massage therapist and energy worker has been winding and with blind turns . Leaving college, I had no idea how to learn or practice medicine outside of the allopathic model. Without much understanding of the world outside of that model, my path led me to pursue a Masters and then PhD in Chemistry.

    Without knowing how I’d get there, I knew I craved something more for my vocation. In my application letter to Graduate School, I wrote about my dream to travel around the world meeting with shaman of different cultures to learn their medicines, and how to synthesize them sustain-ably.


    Over the years my knowledge of plant medicine, indigenous cultures, the medical industry, and healing has deepened greatly. In retrospect, my experience in graduate school was a type of initiation. I fell in love with yoga through Elayne Quirin, who remains my yoga teacher 15 years later, and I was able to explore energy work with Jude Kehoe, an incredible Healing Touch practitioner. I learned how to be in my body and how to hold space for my sensitivities and emotions. I discovered how to dissolve into live music and grew acquainted with the magic and medicine of the cascades. I also earned my Doctorate in chemistry. Since then, I have worked in medical research, taught high school science in rural Kenya as part of the Peace Corps, studied Reiki, Healing Touch, shamanism, how to be a doula, plant medicine, and massage. In 2015 I left my career in research to pursue healing work full time. While I have not been practicing long, I offer myself completely in this work and I know in my heart of hearts it is what I am meant to be doing. In doing so, I am become myself.

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