• Covid Info for patients

    What to expect when you come in:


    *All patients will be required to wear their own face masks to the clinic.

    *All patients will be required to fill out a Covid Screening Questionnaire prior to their appointment time but no sooner than the night before.

    *Family and friends will not be allowed to accompany patients to their appointments, with the exception of a single healthy guardian in the case of pediatric patients.

    *We ask that you come in to your appointment right on time to prevent overcrowding of the waiting room, and you may be asked to wait in your vehicle or outside until your appointment time if necessary to maintain social distancing in the clinic.

    * Call to let us know you have arrived. We will take your temp at the door then let you in.

    *If you are late, we will ask you to reschedule to prevent overcrowding of the clinic.

    *All patients are asked to not bring anything with them, except what is absolutely needed, to limit exposure to more surfaces.

    Scheduling during this time:


    *If you are uncertain if an in person appointment is necessary or if you are in a high risk category and have concerns about coming in, please reach out to your provider or call the office for more information.

    *if you or anybody in your household is symptomatic, please schedule a telemedicine visit only.

    *the online scheduling platform is only partially open due to limited availability, please email or call if you are not finding an appointment time that works for you.

    What we are doing to keep everyone safe:


    *If you or anyone in your house is symptomatic, please do not come in person and schedule a telemedicine appointment with your provider.

    *Patient scheduling will be staggered to support social distancing.

    *At the discretion of the staff, patients will be asked to wait for their appointment time in their vehicle to prevent overcrowding of the clinic lobby. Patients will be advised that family members may not accompany them to their appointments. In the case of pediatric patients, one healthy adult may accompany them into their appointment.

    *All patients who are approved for an in-person office visit must wear a mask to their appointment. The appointment may be cancelled or rescheduled if they are not wearing appropriate PPE at the time of their appointment. If we have masks to provide on hand there will be a $5 fee. Do not bank on this option.

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