• Motor Vehicle Accidents & Worker's Comp

    When you suffer a motor vehicle accident, everything is disrupted -

    Your car, your body, your day, your life. Whether the accident is big or small, even if you feel like everything is fine, there is a good chance you have experienced an injury that could return to haunt you later.

    With proper intervention your accident can become a distant memory with little to no lasting effects. Since Acupuncture can treat many levels, from physical to emotional, it is an ideal recovery tool. After a car accident, Acupuncture can

    • Decrease pain and increase range of motion
    • Relax tense muscles
    • Decrease stress and anxiety
    • Increase energy
    • Decrease swelling and inflammation
    • Treat headache, insomnia, whiplash/neck pain, back pain, sciatica, joint pain and more


    ALL your medical bills up to $15,000 are covered by Oregon law.

    Furthermore, PIP or Personal Injury Protection Insurance (automobile insurance) covers Acupuncture treatment 100% for the driver, passenger(s), pedestrians and/or bicyclists affected by a motor vehicle accident. In fact ALL your medical bills up to $15,000 are covered by Oregon law (check your local state laws to verify coverage outside Oregon) and Acupuncture treatment in particular does not require a referral.

    At Winding Willow Acupuncture & Wellness, we specialize in treating motor vehicle accidents and worker comp, billing and ensuring that you get the best treatment possible for maximum recovery. By combining acupuncture with massage you receive an integrated and highly personalized treatment designed to meet your specific recovery needs.

    Interested in pursuing treatment or learning more?contact us to get answers to specific questions.

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