• Juliann Squires, LMT


    Licensed Massage Therapist


    Sun, Thurs & Fri: 8am-6pm


    Please contact me directly for information about pricing and scheduling:


    (503) 447-6879




    I love to relax the nervous system while restoring achy muscles and allowing the body to come back into balance, while listening carefully and proceeding with awareness to give a centered experience.

    - Juliann

    The comment I hear most often about my work is that it perfectly blends therapeutic massage with deep relaxation. I strive to give each person body work that meets their needs for healing and allows them to leave feeling more comfortable in their skin, more connected with themselves, and more whole. The styles I integrate into my work include Deep Tissue Therapy, Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Craniosacral Massage.


    People come to me because they want support in the midst of life’s stresses and want to feel well. Some have had injuries and want to heal fully and speedily. Many want to feel great keeping up with activities that they love. Others have chronic conditions that benefit from more structural balance. Massage offers so much relief to someone in pain. I also feel honored and thrilled to work with prenatal clients in their journey toward giving birth.


    In my life, personal growth is entwined with massage. I came to massage out of a need for healing. My body was chronically tight from scoliosis, and full of partially healed injuries from sports. I was feeling the stress of leaving a doctoral program in Sociology that just wasn’t the right fit for me.


    I soaked up massage. I loved learning about it, receiving it, watching my body and spirit heal from it. I began to feel great in my body so that I could move freely into my life. I began to feel well. My body felt more connected and whole. Giving massage felt great too; it allowed me to work in a state of flow. I could be acutely aware and attune my hands to the person on my massage table.


    This ability to be in flow only deepens with over a decade of experience. My hands read the body with greater fluency and the right techniques flow with greater fluidity. The experience is rooted in science, study, and years of practice, but it has come to feel like magic.


    My work is always evolving. The human body is fascinating. There is no end to learning about and exploring new techniques, body conditions, mindfulness and movement. Right now my work influenced by my daily practice of Qigong, listening to interviews with experts, and taking workshops on movement.


    A full life restores me and recharges me with more to give. Besides massage, I fill my life with my husband and son, dog, 2 cats and chickens. I spend time painting, drawing, hiking and biking.


  • Tamra Holder, LMT


    Licensed Massage Therapist


    Tues: 2pm-7pm

    Sun: 9am-7pm


    Please contact me directly for information about pricing and scheduling:


    (503) 984-6133




    When Tamra’s not giving massage, she enjoys yoga and meditation, sharing meals with friends, gardening, cooking and walks in Portland neighborhoods.

    Feeling anxious, fatigued, over-extended or in a state of restless overdrive? Tamra helps you sink deep within and reconnect with your body, relieving both physical and mental tension and soothing frazzled nerves. She draws upon multiple modalities including Myofascial Release, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Stretching and Craniosacral Therapy to “RESET” your nervous system; calming anxiety and helping you feel settled, grounded and better able to re-enter the world and enjoy life again or get a good night’s sleep.


    Are you living with annoying pain or discomfort from injury, surgery or “computer” posture and want to be able to move freely without the pain? Tamra has practiced a form of Structural Integration for over a decade and uses an advanced form of myofascial release to neutralize the tension patterns that contribute to pain and dysfunction. When a tension pattern is contributing to your pain, Tamra will introduce an elemental movement pattern to further integrate the positive results of your bodywork session and help keep you out of pain.


    Are you a professional woman who wants to start a family, but is feeling frustrated, angry, even betrayed by your body in trying to achieve what you thought was so natural and easy; pregnancy? Do you want to take charge and take action to promote your fertility naturally? Or maybe you’re needing support for all of you: mind, body and soul as you go through assisted fertility treatment. Mercier Therapy Fertility Massage: The Shared Fertility Journey program can support you whether your path to motherhood includes assisted fertility techniques, acupuncture or good ol' Mother Nature.


    Mercier Therapy Fertility Massage: The Shared Fertility Journey program is a series of six treatments designed to meet your unique needs and circumstances. A Fertility Massage is a deep massage for the abdominal and reproductive organs that promotes natural organ mobility, stimulates the immune system, detoxifies, improves lymph and blood flow. When digestive and reproductive organs, pelvic muscles and joints move naturally and receive excellent blood flow, they function better; and better function leads to better chances for conception. Mercier Therapy Fertility Massage can help with conditions such as irregular periods, low or unbalanced hormones, amenorrhea, P.C.O.S., fibroids or endometriosis.


    Mercier Therapy Fertility Massage can help:


    • Boost Fertility naturally / provide support for assisted fertility techniques

    • Restore pelvic alignment and release abdominal tension.

    • Release scar tissue restrictions.

    • Improve breathing, circulation and digestion which improves over-all health.

    • Relieve stress, insomnia, anxiety and support emotional imbalance.

    • Balance hormones, prevent disease and protect health.

    • Strengthen and reclaim vital energy.


    Does this program sound like it might be right for you? Let’s find out. I offer FREE telephone consultations to discuss your unique situation and determine how this program can help you.

  • Lauren Ferreira, LMT


    Licensed Massage Therapist-

    Deep Tissue Thai Bodywork

    OBMT #18699


    Sun, Mon & Fri: 9am-7pm


    Please go to my website for information about pricing and scheduling or email me directly:






    I provide highly effective bodywork using the tools of Thai medicine and Western therapeutic techniques. I specialize in deep tissue, intensive bodywork that "hurts so good and helps so much," with significant and long-lasting effects. People familiar with Thai massage may know it to be a lot stretching, often referred to as "Thai yoga massage." But not only do I incorporate many aspects of Thai bodywork including stretching, (deep compression, joint range of motion, traction, hot herbal compresses, scraping, cupping, liniments, and more,) I also utilize the tools of sports medicine massage (trigger point therapy, pin-and-stretch, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, and more). The combination of all these techniques, hand-picked for each individual's needs, allows my treatments to be highly effective and deeply rejuvenating.


    The majority of my clients come to me because they are living with pain or discomfort in one or mare areas of their body. Sometimes they have been living this way for many years. And consistently they report that even after just one session they experience less pain or greater mobility, depending on their issue. And most of them retain that decrease in discomfort. Sometimes one session is all they need to work out the problem, sometimes, as in the case of chronic conditions, they need multiple sessions. But those committed to their well-being find that their daily lives improve greatly with each session, and many get to experience a pain-free and more limber body after several sessions.


    My sessions are collaborative: we will work together as a team to affect change in your body and being. Sometimes aspects of a treatment may be challenging, in that it often requires breathing through discomfort to get muscles to release stored tension. If you are new to the idea of "hurts so good" I will coach you through it offering breathing techniques, and we will never do any work that goes beyond a tolerable level of good discomfort. On the other hand, if you are someone who prefers, or even needs, "hurts so good" bodywork, my treatments are for you.


    A trip to Thailand in 2000, for a solo travel adventure, introduced me to Thai massage. I have been hooked ever since. I began my own studies in 2008 while living in New York City. In 2010 I moved to Portland and found my teacher, Nephyr Jacobsen, director of the Naga Center, school of traditional Thai medicine. Since then I have immersed myself in the study and practice of traditional, therapeutic Thai bodywork, with over 500 hours of classes. I traveled to Thailand once again, in 2013, for further study (as well as to eat copious amounts of authentic Thai food, enjoy the gorgeous beaches, and do some rock climbing).


    Besides helping clients rid their bodies of pain, I spend a lot of time with my kiddo, rock climbing, writing, and petting every dog I see.

  • Yvonne Vleer, LMT


    Kinesiologist -

    Licensed Massage Therapist


    Sat: 9am-7pm


    Please contact me directly for information about pricing and scheduling:






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